Topic: Broke my 3Ds top screen. Is it fixable?

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Everything else is working, except for the corner. Will I have to send it back?
It's been like this for over a year, so I doubt the warranty is still in place?

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Try calling Nintendo, worst comes to worst you have to pay a little to get it repaired- but it'll be cheaper than buying a new system.

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Wow. Well... You could cover it with... Duct tape?

Yeah I don’t know either.

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The top screen on my old 3DS XL broke on one hinge while in my backpack and I found it in two pieces. I used crazy glue to stick it back on (being careful not to glue the right shoulder button too) and it works fine except for not being adjustable anymore (it's either closed or full open).



Buy a replacement housing/shell from eBay. Watch some YouTube guides While you wait for it to arrive. Grab a small screwdriver. Spend 2 hours following the iFixit guide. Bingo, your 3DS will be as good as new.

The hardest part is always threading the top screen ribbon cable through the hinge. Just take your time, and if it gets frustrating take a break and try again later.



Lol we need like a "broken screen" sticky thread.
This damage is sort of like a fender bender. More expensive to fix than it's worth? :/



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