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Saw this post by Silly_G

"I've had this problem with my original launch model 3DS. There's definitely a fault in the system related to the brightness of the top screen. The only way that I can continue using the "popping" system is to set the console to the lowest brightness settings (and to completely switch off the 3D as well).
What happens once I tilt the top screen, is that it the screen suddenly becomes super bright (perhaps even more so than the brightest setting that the console as been programmed to display). If you try to increase the brightness beyond this point, the system makes a "popping" noise and switches off instantly. I've never bothered sending it in for repairs as I had been looking for an excuse to upgrade to a 3DS XL at the time anyway, and I figured that the cost of repairs wouldn't be worth the money I could have spent on buying a new system. The rubber from the circle pad has also come loose since, giving me even less incentive to consider having it repaired.
Consoles affected by this issue are still usable for the most part, but you'll need to sacrifice screen brightness (at least where the bottom screen is concerned) and 3D. Battery consumption is also considerably greater due to the added brightness in the top screen, and you'd probably be lucky to get more than an hour out of it (if that)."

I have a smilar if not the same issue and I was wondering if anyone knows how to turn on the 3ds in the lowest brightness without going into settings, which I cant because "the system makes a "popping" noise and switches off instantly"



@bob2901380 : All good. Keep me posted.

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@Silly_G Honestly, it seems impossible to turn back down the brightness before the system turns on. I wish there was a way to do it via hardware.



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