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Image: Nintendo Life

One of our favourite new features in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has to be the new Pokédex. Instead of being a dry encyclopaedic list of Pokémon you've seen and caught, ScarVi takes the boring old 'Dex formula and throws it out of the window in favour of a stylish bookcase of Pokémon. And it's gorgeous.

We began to notice that some of these "book covers" had a little personality to them after catching a few 'mons, and as we evolved those 'mons, we realised that some of them had stories, too. So we've gathered up some of our favourites in the hopes that you can appreciate them just as much as we do!

Family Portrait

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's 'mons like to hang out with each other more than ever before. Whether it's a Pawmo supervising a group of Pawmi, or a Sawsbuck frolicking through a meadow with a trail of Deerlings behind it, we love seeing evolutions hang out with their former selves.

And so does the Pokédex, which is full of cute little family portraits:

Best Pokédex Pics 43
Image: Nintendo Life

It's Dangerous Out There

It's a dog-eat-dog Fidough-eat-Fidough world, and Pokémon are not exempt from being part of the food chain. The Pokédex entries show bug Pokémon being chased down by birds, bird Pokémon being hunted by cats, and sea creatures being hunted by... other sea creatures:

Baby Friends

Did you know that the Baby Pokémon hang out while their parents aren't looking? It's incredibly cute, even if we think it's a bit mean that no one invited Mime Jr.

Point of View

Some Pokédex entries tell a story when you've got all the evolutions — and in many cases, that story is that the youngest of the evolutions is photobombing the older ones in their own Pokédex entries.

Best Pokédex Pics 26
Image: Nintendo Life

Cool Reference, Bro

Some Pokédex entries are subtle references to Pokémon lore, the anime, Pokédex descriptions, and past games.

There's Meowth trying to capture a Pikachu, just like Team Rocket:

Best Pokédex Pics 21
Twerps — Image: Nintendo Life

And a touching reunion of Pikachu with a couple of the Pikachu-likes from other generations:

Best Pokédex Pics 47
Why is Pachirisu leaning back like that? — Image: Nintendo Life

Ampharos is pictured hanging out by a lighthouse, a reference to how its tail is used as a guiding light and the fact that it was the light in the Olivine City lighthouse in Pokémon Gold and Silver:

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Image: Nintendo Life

There's a neat reference to Oranguru's Pokémon Moon 'dex entry: "Deep in the jungle, high in the lofty canopy, this Pokémon abides. On rare occasions, it shows up at the beach to match wits with Slowking."

Best Pokédex Pics 55
Image: Nintendo Life

From Violet's Pokédex entry for Garganacl: "Many Pokémon gather around Garganacl, hoping to lick at its mineral-rich salt."

Best Pokédex Pics 22
Image: Nintendo Life

From Scarlet's entry for Pyroar: "The females of a pride work together to bring down prey. It’s thanks to them that their pride doesn’t starve." The females are the ones with the slicked-back mane, surrounding the male with the larger mane:

Best Pokédex Pics 58
Image: Nintendo Life

From Froslass' Legends: Arceus entry: "A Pokémon inhabited by the soul of a woman who died bearing a grudge in the snowy mountains. Legends of Froslass placing deathly curses on misbehaving men send shivers down my spine." From its Moon entry: "The soul of a woman lost on a snowy mountain possessed an icicle, becoming this Pokémon. The food it most relishes is the souls of men." Things aren't looking good for this Courier...

Best Pokédex Pics 53
Image: Nintendo Life

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

Some of the Pokédex images tell a story over one or two or even three images, like Drifloon contemplating kidnapping a child:

Best Pokédex Pics 19
DO IT — Image: Nintendo Life

Or Santa Delibird handing out gifts in the snow:

Best Pokédex Pics 5
Delibird works for UPS now — Image: Nintendo Life

Or the story of lil baby Axew learning from its elders, who might look fierce, but are very sweet really:

Best Pokédex Pics 17
TOO CUTE — Image: Nintendo Life

What do crickets, bees, and squirrels have in common? Apparently, they all love Kricketune's music:

Best Pokédex Pics 40
Play Darude - Sandstorm — Image: Nintendo Life

Hawlucha and Hariyama, two Pokémon that love wrestling, having a tussle:

Best Pokédex Pics 54
Pin him, Hawlucha — Image: Nintendo Life

The inspirational Palafin superhero and his admiring fans:

Best Pokédex Pics 56
It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's... a dolphin — Image: Nintendo Life

How about the Sunflora of Artazon hanging out with the Sunflora statue?

Best Pokédex Pics 41
Sunkern was not invited — Image: Nintendo Life

Or the Stunky that's just too stinky:

Best Pokédex Pics 12
Get it? Because it's a skunk — Image: Nintendo Life

Or some Greedents getting peckish:

Best Pokédex Pics 42
This is how we react to crepes as well — Image: Nintendo Life

Or this Shellder that's following Slowpoke around, ready to chomp on his tail:

Or the story of Tandemaus buying a house, settling down, and having kids:

Weaviles about to drop the more fire album of 2022:

Best Pokédex Pics 57
Or maybe that should be the most ice album — Image: Nintendo Life

Or our personal favourite, the ongoing rivalry between mortal enemies Zangoose and Seviper:

Ooooh, Pretty

Some Pokédex pics are just really pretty, or really cute. They don't have a story or a reference... We just like looking at them!

Best Pokédex Pics 13
Teddiursa knows it's cute — Image: Nintendo Life
Best Pokédex Pics 45
Sleepy sheepy — Image: Nintendo Life
Best Pokédex Pics 52
Dragonite, dragon light — Image: Nintendo Life

We're really hoping that this Pokédex picture party continues in future Pokémon games, because whether we're finding references or just appreciating the cute art, it's a delight. Plus, it's far more interesting than a boring old Pokédex!

Have you picked up on any Easter Eggs or references in the Pokédex yourself? Tell us in the comments!