Tears Of The Kingdom DLC What Do We Want To See?
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We all know that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the gift that keeps on giving — even without additional content. But with how many juicy new skills and items, and with what Breath of the Wild's DLC delivered, yes, we are indeed still hungry for more.

But in a recent interview with Famitsu, Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma seemed to suggest that there were "no plans" to release more content for Tears of the Kingdom, saying "we've done everything we can to create fun in that world."

Now, that does make us a little bit sad, but we can hope, right? Developers frequently say this to stave off expectations and then ‘surprise’ us with a DLC announcement later down the line. So, instead of wallowing in our gloom, we want to cling to our hopes and dreams — see beyond the mist and wish for a future that may well be out of reach.

In other words, our lovely editors got together and shared what they would have liked to have seen in potential TOTK DLC. Whether it be another Master Mode, more dungeons, or even just "less", here's what NL is wishing for...

Alana Hagues, deputy editor

Zelda and the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom
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It would never, ever, have happened — but playable Zelda? Please? There was such a huge opportunity to do this in Tears of The Kingdom's DLC, given what's going on with Zelda in this game, but Nintendo was never going to do it. Sigh.

So I'll be more realistic for this dream DLC — new Zonai devices. We've already got fans and flamethrowers, but adding items with buoyancy would've been fun. I can make a raft, but let me make a little hovercraft for the water. Or a little "capsule" that automatically picks up items when you're riding a vehicle.

I would've loved some more quests that let you rebuild places — Hyrule Town is still in shambles, so let Link use that Ultrahand to recreate homes for the people of Hyrule. And lastly, how about another dungeon? I like what we've got in the base game, but I think an extra dungeon could've combined everything we've learned, and perhaps throw in some nasty challenges to boot.

I promise I don't want the world, Nintendo.

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai flying vehicle
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Given that I'm not even remotely close to completing Tears of the Kingdom's story, I would say that any potential DLC would really need to be limited to "nice-to-have" features rather than anything that could substantially inflate an already overwhelming experience.

Like Alana, I'd certainly be up for more Zonai devices, but I wouldn't say no to some more unique horses or armor sets. And although it probably sounds obvious at this point, a Master Mode certainly wouldn't go amiss. Then again, the prospect of starting the game from scratch on a higher difficulty sounds frankly terrifying considering we've got a brand new 2D Mario game on the horizon.

Gavin Lane, editor

Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule Field
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Honestly, I'd have loved to explore somewhere new, so if TOTK DLC opened up the ocean floor — at least around the Hyrule coastline — or a landmass to the north or east of the Kingdom, I would love to venture out and explore somewhere I'd never stepped foot in previously. If anything, it's that sense of the unknown that I've missed, and the only reason my heart still belongs to BOTW. The Depths are great, but they're also very one-note in tone and look, and I'm a sucker for variety. If DLC could somehow bring that feeling back to TOTK, that's all I really want from it. We're alright for Koroks, Eiji.

A single, old-school dungeon-style 'super' shrine might be a good idea. I really enjoyed the temples in this one, although I also wouldn't mind being dropped into a standalone puzzle zone with doors that lock behind you and lots of unlock jingles to satisfy my lust for validation and commendation, Zelda-style.

Or how about a 'Wild' survival mode which drops you off somewhere in the kingdom all in your nuddy and sees you creeping around, building strength and taking on all-comers. Essentially one of those shrine challenges which strips you of all equipment and weapons writ large on a kingdom-sized scale.

Jim Norman, staff writer

Tears of the Kingdom Dragon's Tear
Image: Nintendo Life

I am a simple Zelda fan of simple Zelda tastes, so if there is one thing that I really wanted to see TOTK deliver and was slightly (and that's very slightly) sad to not see more of, it's some juicy lore. I had spent the run-up to May in a Charlie Day-style frantic timeline hole, so when Link's latest didn't fully deliver on confirming some continuity questions, I was left wanting. DLC that provides some more solid timeline placement would make me and madly-scrawled notes very happy indeed.

And yes, I'll throw some more dragon talk into there too. TOTK has its fair share of jaw-drop dragon revelations (iykyk), but there are another three roaming reptiles up in the sky for whom I feel we now have room for some tasty backstory — I'll stop there because I'm dodging spoiler talk like Guardian lasers here...

Alternatively, give me more Addison. My friend, I will never stop supporting you.

Do you think Nintendo will release additional content for Tears of the Kingdom later down the line? What would you like to see in any prospective DLC? Vote in our polls below and let us know in the comments what you want from the future of Hyrule.

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