Talking Point: Did Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Deserve Better? 1
Image: Nintendo

I've been thinking a lot about Pokémon Mystery Dungeon recently. Maybe it's the list of spin-offs I recently wrote up, which reminded me just how many excellent/terrible Pokémon spin-offs exist out there, or maybe it's the fact that when I was writing my answer to the question "What Pokémon game should be the next basis for a Legends game?" my thoughts went immediately to Mystery Dungeon, before realising that, actually, I just wanted another Mystery Dungeon game.

Either way, that's the truth at the heart of the matter: I think Pokémon Mystery Dungeon needs to be pulled out of the Pokémon archive, dusted off, and given new life. We only have one PMD game on Switch, and it was just a remake of the first game, and it wasn't very good, so I can see why Nintendo might be unwilling to invest so much time and energy into commissioning a new one from developer Spike Chunsoft — but you have to admit that the pitch behind the games is brilliant, and deserves more than just a second look.

Much like Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series are all isekai — a story centered around a character who gets transported into a new world (and a new body!), and has to figure out what happened and how to fix it. The player, of course, is a human turned into a Pokémon, determined usually by a personality quiz, and has to work with other Pokémon to get back into their human body (and save the world along the way).

This leads to a story about actual Pokémon, allowing us the greatest insight into the creatures since the anime gave Pikachu a personality. The games usually treat our cohort of pocket monsters as generic animals that are often cute, often cool, but never talkative — but in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, we get to learn about them as individuals. And who hasn't ever wanted to be able to talk to their pets?

But folks, this is a talking point, and that means it's down to you. Here's a little poll for you to voice your opinion — and head down to the comments so we can discuss, too!

Do you want a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game on Switch?