Today we hosted our second Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight, focused on showcasing eight exciting titles for the Nintendo Switch. The line-up included fast paced platforming, shooting, puzzle solving and monster fighting, with more besides.

You can re-watch the show above if you have a spare 12 minutes for some Indie goodness, and if you prefer words below are our summaries for each featured title.

Toree 2

Toree 2 - Out Now

Originally planned as a fun surprise, eShop logistics meant this one popped up on the store previously. Oh well, we were still absolutely delighted to open the show with this old-school 3D platformer. Its predecessor Toree 3D was a word of mouth hit, and this follow-up is offering an even more refined take on the format. Oh, and it costs a dollar, so it's well worth a punt.

Fading Afternoon
Image: yeo

Fading Afternoon (PC first in 2022)

This is the latest game from developer yeo, who brought us The friends of Ringo Ishikawa and Arrest of a stone Buddha. Recently released from prison, in Fading Afternoon you’ll take on the role of Seiji Maruyama, a yakuza known better as ‘Gozuki’. He’s starting to age, so you may have trouble meeting the expectations of your oyabun. Blend complex beat-em-up action with everyday life in Osaka.

Image: PM Studios / Zarc Attack

Exophobia (April 2022)

Waking up on a huge, alien-infested spaceship, you’ll need to have your wits about you in order to prevent becoming an unnecessary casualty. Upgrade your alien arsenal and employ quick-thinking and even quicker reflexes against the unforgiving hordes of aliens to give yourself even the remotest chance of survival. This looks set to offer stylish fast-paced retro-style shooting when it arrives on Switch.

Die By The Blade
Image: Kwalee Ltd

Die By The Blade

When every potential blow can be fatal, you need to call on more tactics than brute force. In Die by the Blade one wrong move can give your opponent the opportunity they need to bring you down in just a single stroke of their blade. Take the fight online, but keep a calm demeanour and exploit any and all weaknesses your opponent may show, as they no doubt will be trying to do the same to you.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon
Image: Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon - Winter

Enter an ever-shifting dungeon where every move you make is part of the puzzle. You’ll learn the ropes from your good chum Puzzle Knight as you attempt to escape the mysterious Pocket Dungeon. Bump into foes to battle and trade damage in this unique combat system. Group them together for massive chain attacks whilst grabbing keys, power-ups, and potions to refill your health. This looks like a fun alternative take for the hit IP.

PosterTheCaptain Crop
Image: Sysiac Games / Tomorrow Corporation

The Captain

Don your uniform, captain! You’re lost on the other bleedin’ side of the galaxy! What’s worse is that dark forces are on the way to Earth, and as fate would have it you’re the one holding the one thing that can stop them and save humanity. You’ll need to make allies of course, but it’s likely that not everyone’s going to make it all the way, and it’s up to you to decide who gets left behind.

No Longer Human
Image: PM Studios

No Longer Human

No Longer Human has you take control of the once-famous vocaloid idol now cyberdemon Tsunono, and you’ll have to guide her on her destructive path to total world domination. With its psychedelic cybergoth aesthetic, the free-form combat encourages and rewards aggressive and stylish play.

Dawn Of The Monsters.JPG
Image: WayForward / 13AM Games

Dawn of the Monsters

Developed by 13AM Games and published by WayForward, this could be the monster fighting game we've been waiting for on Switch. Release your inner kaiju as you take on the evil horde of Nephilim; creatures that want nothing less than to destroy the planet. Featuring gorgeous 2.5D graphics inspired by Mike Mignola and deep combat mechanics that rival fighting games, this game is a blast on your own, but a whole new beast in couch co-op.

Thanks for watching our Indie Spotlight! Let us know which games stood out to you in the comments!