A few weeks back, as 2021 was coughing and spluttering to its final days, we wrote about a Buzzfeed data scientist named Max Woolf, who had created a Pokémon-inventing AI algorithm. The results ranged from "awww, look at that... pile of limbs and eyes" to "oh dear lord, does anyone have a flamethrower?"

But we know what you really want, and so does Woolf's employer, Buzzfeed: You want a one-of-a-kind, unique, bot-generated Pokémon that no one else has.

Woolf and Buzzfeed writer Dave Stopera collaborated to create a Buzzfeed quiz that does exactly that. Pick a few key facts about your Pokémon — its type, where you found it, and how you would describe it ("Kafkaesque" is one of the options, of course) — and the bot will generate your very own new best pal. Yay!

Here are some of our creations:

A Nuzzlos run is where you only catch Pokémon that look like Frankenstein's Monster made out of Build-A-Bear rejects
You ever wonder what it would look like if lava had nipples?
"Please, mother, I crave death"
What if a dog was also an egg

Give the quiz a go yourself, and let us know what abominations of nature you end up with in the comments!