Nintendo Direct WarioWare
Image: Nintendo

We've not had to wait too long for the first major Nintendo Direct of 2022, which is rather lovely. As you're no doubt aware there's a Nintendo Direct broadcast today at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET, and of course we're gearing up for our usual live blog and excitement as Nintendo beams games into our eyeballs for approximately 40 minutes.

A few of our team have already had a pleasant little chat with some Nintendo Direct predictions - we covered some relatively obvious stuff, mulled over some of the numerous rumours that have done the rounds, and threw in some wildcard guesses for fun. Nintendo being what it is, we'll no doubt be pleasantly surprised and wrong about various things over the course of the show!

We argued in January that Nintendo has already lined up a huge year of gaming in 2022, so we're rather giddy at how the picture may only get more exciting after today's Direct broadcast. That said we must keep the buzz in check - got to keep that hype under control, right?

Well, let's ignore that and allow ourselves a bit of unbridled optimism before the show later today. Be sure to sound off with your Nintendo Direct hopes and dreams in the polls and comments below, and we'll see you later for our live blog of the show!

How excited are you about today's Nintendo Direct?
Which confirmed upcoming first-party game do you most want to see?
Which rumour / wild prediction would you like the most?

We'll be watching the Direct and reporting on all the juicy announcements, so if you're even a tiny bit interested be sure to check back 'round these parts later on (at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET, to be precise). Hasta pronto!