Final Fantasy IV DS
Image: Square Enix

The DS remake of Final Fantasy IV turns 15 today in North America - can you believe it? If the copious social media posts earlier this week about Nolan's The Dark Knight didn't make you feel old, then perhaps this will.

Regardless, it still stands to this day as one of the most impressive remakes we've seen. Granted, the DS visuals probably aren't the most striking you're ever going to lay eyes on, particularly 15 years after its debut, but it was nevertheless a remarkably faithful adaptation that managed to retain everything that made the original so great while adding a few new bits and bobs.

Take that opening cutscene, for instance. For fans who played the original SNES title, seeing characters like Cecil, Rosa, and Kain in a whole new light seemed almost miraculous. Add on top of that the extensive voiceover work, multiple mini-games, and the new Augment System, and you've got a remake that most certainly gives the original a run for its money.

Of course, there are still those - this writer included - who may still prefer the original. Whether it be down to nostalgia or a simple appreciation for what many deem to be a purer version of Final Fantasy IV, there's no denying that it remains a powerhouse of an RPG to this very day.

So which do you prefer? Let us know by voting in the below poll and be sure to leave a comment with some of your favourite Final Fantasy IV memories.

Which version of Final Fantasy IV do you prefer? (3,171 votes)

  1. Original (inc. Pixel Remaster)42%
  2. Remake (DS)41%
  3. I haven't played either18%