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    Review Gunbird 2

    More short but sweet shmup action

    A choice of characters and colourful, frantic shooting action across several stages is typical for the Psikyo titles that Zerodiv has been bringing to the eShop. In that regard, Gunbird 2 is more of the same, with a similar look and feel to the Strikers 1945 titles, Samurai Aces and (obviously) the first Gunbird. It...


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    Review Dragon Blaze

    Imagine dragons

    By the year 2000, Psikyo’s TATE shmup design was already established as the de facto template for the genre and with several hits already under its belt, it's hard to imagine many more gimmicks could be added to the tried and tested formula. So what if it added a few dragons into the mix? The Demon King has risen. The Sun and the...

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    Review Tengai

    The only way is shmup, baby

    From the western title you might not be immediately aware that Tengai’s full Japanese title is Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II. This is, in fact, the sequel to Psikyo’s very first game, the brilliant Samurai Aces. But with only a few familiar faces returning and a complete change of shmup orientation style, did...


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    Review Sol Divide -Sword Of Darkness-

    Divided we stand

    Unafraid to mix things up considerably, Psikyo’s established shmup formula was thrown out the window for this game, leaving many fans baffled when first introduced to it back in 1997. Loathed by many, but still revered by some, SOL DIVIDE -Sword Of Darkness- is now making a comeback in 2018 on Nintendo Switch. So is it a...

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    Review Samurai Aces

    Sengoku Strikers

    Following the release of the shmup Aero Fighters, several members of developer Video Systems left and formed a new company: Psikyo. Aero Fighters 2 still turned out rather well without them, but Psikyo would release some high-quality titles itself. Zerodiv has already brought some of those to Switch, but now it's bringing Psikyo’s...


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    Review Strikers 1945 II

    Superb shmup action

    Thanks to HAMSTER’s Arcade Archives and ACA Neo Geo series there are a number of retro titles available on Switch, but they’re not the only company providing games from yesteryear. Zerodiv have slowly been adding high quality titles from Psikyo’s back catalogue such as Gunbird and Zero Gunner 2. One of their first releases...

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    Review Zero Gunner 2

    Impressive chopper

    The Switch has become something of a treasure trove of retro goodness, with companies like Hamster and Zerodiv bringing a host of old-school classics to the eShop on a weekly basis. For shooter fans, Nintendo's console is a real goldmine, with Blazing Star, Pulstar, Strikers 1945 and Gunbird already available for download. Now,...


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    Review Gunbird

    More shmup fun for Switch

    Earlier this year Zerodiv brought some excellent shmup action to the Switch in the form of Psikyo’s Strikers 1945. Having rummaged around in the developer’s back catalogue, the publisher is now bringing Gunbird to the eShop, a similar proposition with a shared range of options (and the added ability to record video...


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    Review Gunbarich

    Ball batting brilliance

    A 2001 arcade title, Psikyo’s Gunbarich is now available to purchase from the Switch eShop. A Breakout/Arkanoid-style game, the aim is to bat a ball around the screen destroying all the blocks to move on to the next stage where there is a new arrangement of blocks for you to remove. Along the way there are hazards to mess...

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    Review Strikers 1945

    Classic arcade blasting fun for all

    Currently there is no Virtual Console on the Switch, but there are still a few options for those seeking ye olde gaming thrills, such as Namco Museum and the various Neo Geo ACA releases. Now Zerodiv is adding to Switch owners’ retro choices by bringing a number of titles from the Psikyo back catalogue to the...