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    Wii U

    Review Watch Dogs

    Hack job

    The Wii U has had a chequered history with third-party support, particularly from Ubisoft, and the belated arrival of Watch Dogs feels a little like a final hurrah — whether we'll see many more big-budget multiplatform mature titles on Nintendo's system is certainly a cause of doubt. This title is here, however, and a viable option for...


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    Review Child of Light

    The brush is as mighty as the sword

    Listen, dear readers, and we shall recall our journeys with Child of Light. The darling of Ubisoft Montreal, it has become known as a beautiful sight. Screenshots and videos released to the world have proven its visuals most stunning. Yet when the tale is told and story unfurled, will all its design be as...


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    Review James Noir's Hollywood Crimes

    The big easy

    Since its debut, the DS console's (then) unique capabilities have presented developers with more than ample scope to push boundaries and explore new ways for us to interact and perceive handheld games. The touch screen has been hugely beneficial for Level 5’s Professor Layton series, which has proved to be so incredibly popular with...


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    Review Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D

    Tripping over in the dark

    Splinter Cell 3D is one of quite a few 3DS launch titles from Ubisoft, a publisher that is showing plenty of enthusiasm for Nintendo’s little device of tricks. The number of gizmos and clever features in the console make it seem like the perfect home for deadly agent Sam Fisher. The question is whether this title is able...