• Review Tetris Party Live (DSiWare)

    Online Tetris for people on the go

    Let's face it, we've seen hundreds of Tetris releases on various systems over the years, some obviously better than others. Hudson released the original Tetris Party on WiiWare almost two years ago, but with the release of the game on DSiWare, they're now giving gamers a version to take with them on the go. As a...


  • Review Tetris Party (WiiWare)

    Hudson grants us yet another version of the famous Russian puzzler, but how does this one stack up?

    Tetris may be 23 years old, but the game is still going strong even after all this time. While some versions have been better than others, people still can't seem to get enough of this addictive puzzler. With this in mind, is this latest instalment...