• Review WWE 2K Battlegrounds - A Disappointingly Poor Wrestlefest

    We've Cena lot better than this

    The one-word catchphrase is a mythical achievement in professional wrestling. If you’re so well-loved by the fans that you can get a single word ‘over’ with the crowd – Ric Flair’s “woooooo”, Steve Austin’s “what”, Daniel Bryan’s “yes” – you’ve clearly earned legend status. In trying to...





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    Review Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn

    Big Trouble In Shaq’s China

    Back in 1994 Shaq-Fu made quite a splash when it landed on 16-bit home and 8-bit portable consoles. On paper it seemed like a great plan: use Shaquille O'Neal’s star power to get a slice of the booming one-on-one fighting market. When the game made it to market, the 16-bit version wasn't that bad, but it didn't stack...


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    Review NBA Playgrounds

    Not quite a slamma jamma

    ‘90s kids will definitely remember NBA Jam, the high-flying, crazy-dunking arcade basketball game that was all the rage among sports fans and nonbelievers alike. Today, NBA Playgrounds tries to recapture that magic. Let’s be clear. NBA Playgrounds is no NBA Jam. That, however, isn’t to say NBA Playgrounds is a...