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    Review Dustoff Heli Rescue 2

    Whirlybird gets the worm

    The Switch's portable nature has made it an ideal home for games previously designed with the mobile market in mind, but not every port makes the transition as cleanly as the next. Question is, how does Invictus Games' second flight in the cockpit fare now that it’s taken to the skies of Ninty's hybrid hardware?...


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    Review Star Ghost

    Flappy Spaceships

    We're always intrigued by the games that take a simple design concept and run with it. There’s never any middle ground with such an endeavour; either it’s strong enough to hold a player's attention for the entire span of play or its gimmick doesn’t hold up beyond the first few minutes of “that was neat” and promptly falls...


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    Review Vaccine

    Not as infectious as one may hope

    Homages to our childhood are very much at the forefront of gaming right now, with so many titles playing on our sense of nostalgia. Rainy Night Creations is aiming for that effect with its take on the '90s survival-horror genre. Harking back to the days of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, Vaccine intends to make its...


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    Review Pixel Paint

    Painting a decent picture

    It's interesting to see how retro video game art is still so popular — you rarely see filmmakers presenting an entire movie in black and white just because that's how films used to be made. Perhaps due to nostalgia and the ease of creating game assets, pixel art continues to be popular in the indie game scene. If you're...