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    Review Manticore: Galaxy On Fire

    In Space no one can hear you pew, pew, pew!

    Flying your spaceship and shooting other bad spaceships will be what you will spend most of your time doing in Manticore: Galaxy on Fire. Fortunately, it's a refined and precise experience, with easy to pick up controls that allow for all sorts of flashy maneuvers. The left analog stick controls your ship...


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    Review Kona

    A chilling experience

    Kona seems to intent on reclaiming the term 'walking simulator,'  which has become a bit of a slight of late. Describing a game as such instantly paints a picture of a barely-interactive first-person 'experience' that's more concerned with narrative than gameplay.  And while it still ticks many of the aforementioned...


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    Review Puzzler World 2013

    A puzzling affair

    There are a number of reasons why the Puzzler World series continues to see new life on DS. For one, it's still a bestselling series, which is no doubt partly down to the DS's impressive install base around the world. However, it's also the fact that the titles' word and logic puzzles — which historically have been restricted to...