• News Fortnite Copies From Among Us' Homework With New 'Impostors' Mode

    Real sus

    Fortnite has never shied away from its pop culture references (and stealing things from other creators) so it's not hugely surprising that their new mode, Fortnite Impostors, does a little bit of both. The mode is... well, it's very similar to Among Us: up to ten players are assigned either an Agent or Impostor role, with the Agents having...

  • Random Among Us Summer Merch Includes Previously Korea-Exclusive Water Bottle

    Hydrate or die-drate

    Summer is rapidly approaching its end, but while the final glorious days of sunshine are still here, Innersloth has released their new Among Us summer merch line. The merch includes: 3 summer themed shirts, hoodies & tanks 2 satin headscarves Transparent holo tote bag Water bottles (made in collaboration with Dunkin'...

  • News Sneak Peek At New Among Us Content Shows Big Yellow Rock

    Or maybe it's a chicken nugget

    Among Us is getting another content update, and this next one is big. Well, it looks big. Or maybe it's just close to the camera. It's not clear what it is. Or what it's doing. All we know is what's in the image: A lil Among Us crewmate (Cyan, for reference) reacting with fear/surprise/excitement to the presence of...


  • Random Nobody Likes The Among Us Tan Crewmate


    The Among Us Twitter account is full of neat little insights into the popular betrayal game, and the latest is no exception: the team has been monitoring people's crewmate colour choices since the 15-player update, and now they have the results. In first place, to no one's surprise, is Red, the iconic spacebean, who reigns supreme as the avatar...

  • News Among Us Is Free On Nintendo Switch Online This Week

    It's also on sale!

    There's a message coming through the comms — KKKRRRZZT — hang on, we just need to fix the electrical wiring, and — KKZZZZT — swipe the card a few times, and — ZZZZTTT — there we go! The message should come through loud and clear now: Among Us is free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers this week, from Wednesday the...

  • Feature Why Was Among Us Translated Into Irish?


    Last week, it was announced that Among Us, the fantastically popular friend-murdering game, was localised officially into Irish. For many (mostly, the Irish) it was an exciting thing; for others, the response was mostly: "But why?" It's a legitimate question — Irish, or Gaeilge, is only spoken by around 40% of the Irish population, and is...

  • News Among Us Has Been Localised Into Irish

    Immaculate craic

    Among Us' success continues to grow, and one of the measures of success is just how many official translations something has — including minority languages and languages that aren't even spoken any more, like Harry Potter's Latin, Ancient Greek, and Scots translations. According to its Steam page, Among Us supports 12 languages...

  • News Physical And Collector's Editions Of Among Us Are Here

    Call an emergency meeting

    Among Us is finally getting a physical version, and not only that — it's getting THREE Collector's Editions to boot. The Crewmate Edition, priced at $29.99, includes: Among Us base game and all of the DLC items: Airship, Polus and MIRA HQ Skins, along with the Hamster Pet, Bedcrab Pet, Brainslug Pet, Stickmin Pet and...


  • News Among Us To Add New Mode, Roles, Map And More

    Lots of cool stuff on the way

    Among Us was a breakout hit last year and is continuing to enjoy success, no doubt helped even further by its release on the Switch eShop to expand its loyal player-base. Developer Innersloth has now had a brief reveal as part of Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, in which it confirmed a range of new content and features...




  • News Among Us Now Has Official Plushies

    Disclaimer: 10% of the plushies are murderous impostors

    We all love things that are cuddly and want to kill us, or else cats wouldn't exist. Innersloth, the developers of massive indie hit Among Us, have managed to create something to rival cats for the cute/murderous throne, with their official line of Among Us plushies. The cuddly impostors come...

  • News Among Us' Airship Level Is Here

    Join the mile-high murder club

    Can someone give the Among Us Twitter account an ice cream and a hug? It can't be easy to monitor the account that hit one million followers in a matter of days, and when that Twitter account is the main hub for a 2018 game that achieved unprecedented, unexpected success during the pandemic, we can only imagine the...

  • News Among Us Airship Map Finally Gets A Release Date


    March 31st is starting to redeem itself as maybe not a terrible day for gamers after all: it may be the day Mario finally dies forever, but it's also the date that Among Us' new Airship map will finally be added to the game. As announced by the official Among Us Twitter account, and detailed further in the Innersloth

  • News Among Us Update Adds New Quick Chat Tool - Makes Games "Easier" And "Faster" To Play

    There's nothing sus about this

    Innersloth - the team behind the insanely popular game Among Us, has just rolled out a brand new update for the Nintendo Switch version. This bumps the game up to Version 2021.2.21. Although this patch is only small, it adds a helpful quick chat tool - allowing players to communicate much faster. "hey Crewmates,...

  • Random 'Amogus' Is A Playable Among Us Pokémon Hack

    Things are getting weird in the Among Us community

    We know you're all thinking it, so let's just get it out of our system real quick: "Nintendo takedown coming in 3...2...1..." And yes, it's probably true, because it always is. But with that covered, let's instead talk about just what the heck is going on in the Among Us community. SusieQ on...