• News Has-Been Heroes Now Arriving in Europe on 4th April

    A small delay

    In terms of high profile Switch eShop downloads, Has-Been Heroes by Frozenbyte is one of the most notable arrivals in the next couple of weeks. Arriving in North America on 28th March, it's now dropped back a week - to 4th April - in Europe. It's not exactly a drastic delay, though the development team has released a quirky video as...







  • News Frozenbyte Considers Bringing Splot to Wii U

    "A modern-era fairytale in a playable form"

    Frozenbyte is a developer that's likely to have earned credit from a lot of Wii U gamers for its release of Trine 2: Director's Cut, with a subsequent — albeit delayed — update improving the graphics while adding voice chat and Pro Controller support. As a developer well known to gamers across...

  • News Trine 2: Director's Cut Update Hits North America

    Grab it now.

    Following hot on the heels of the European release, the patch for Trine 2: Director's Cut has arrived in North America. All you need to do to download and install it is open up Trine 2 on your Wii U console. For those of you that don't know, the update adds Wii U Pro Controller support, voice chat, improved visuals, a German voice...


  • News Trine 2: Director's Cut Update Now Live In Europe

    Download it while it's hot

    Trine 2: The Director's Cut has been updated in Europe by developer Frozenbyte. Frozenbyte confirmed the update was coming when we spoke to them last year, and more recently stated that it should be arriving this month. We can confirm that the update is now live in Europe, as we've just downloaded it to our

  • News Frozenbyte - Boxed Retail Release Of Trine 2: Director's Cut Is "A Possibility"

    Seems unlikely, however

    One problem with the Nintendo Network ID system is that you cannot currently transfer them between consoles. This of course means you can't nip over to your friend's house and sign in to your own NNID, and more crucially should anything happen to your Wii U you'll be reliant on Nintendo customer services to retrieve the...

  • News Frozenbyte Hopes To Release Trine 2 Update This Month

    The Australia and New Zealand release, too

    Late last year Frozenbyte told us that an update for Trine 2: Director's Cut would arrive before the Holidays, providing improved graphics, Wii U Pro Controller support and voice chat. As the eagle-eyed among you undoubtedly noticed a while ago, that didn't happen. The developer has now published a video...

  • News Trine 2 Magic Mayhem DLC Appears Unlikely To Happen

    Developer confirms Trine 3 will happen, eventually

    Trine 2: Director's Cut has proven to be a popular title in the Wii U eShop for many reasons. It's a very good game for a start, something we pointed out in our Trine 2: Director's Cut review, and it has some of the most glorious HD visuals ever seen on a home console; it really showed what Wii U...