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    Review Knight Terrors

    Cheap thrills

    A few weeks ago, Nicalis quietly announced Knight Terrors, a game unlike most of their others, in that it isn't getting the physical release treatment and is instead exclusive to the eShop. It's also unlike other recent releases in that it's incredibly budget-friendly at a mere three dollars. So, is Nicalis's latest release worth a...


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    Review Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

    Nerd in My Pocket

    As the Angry Video Game Nerd might tell you, the context of a system can matter a great deal toward the quality of the game. A title that isn't so bad on one console can be a putrid pukefest on another. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, which hit Nintendo first on the Wii U, has shifted to the portable 3DS. So what can you expect?...


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    Review Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

    Better than a buffalo diarrhoea dump in your ear

    Making a game that is in itself a callout to awful games has to be like preparing fugu: you definitely want to retain the essence people are paying for, but leaving the wrong parts in is going to be lethal. You have to be crappy without being crappy, and if anyone can pull this off with zen-like...