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    Review Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life

    A pleasant, if stumpy, puzzler

    Many puzzle games that originated on the PC have made a successful transition to the DS; following their lead is City Interactive's latest handheld release, a scaled down version of Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life from 2009. Especially in the case of one that's as well-crafted as this, there's nothing wrong...


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    Review Jewels of the Tropical Lost Island

    It's no gem but neither is it fool's gold

    Puzzle games are ten a penny on the DS and when it's a match-three type like the popular Bejeweled series, you have to wonder about the relevance of yet another addition to the already plentiful stock of match-three titles on the DS. Jewels of the Tropical Lost Island is City Interactive's contribution to...

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    Review Crime Lab: Body of Evidence

    A scene worth investigating

    The DS has been a popular platform for graphic adventure games in its lifetime thanks to its touchscreen interface, seeing a number of great titles such as Hotel Dusk: Room 215 & Time Hollow. This time around we have Crime Lab: Body of Evidence, a new entry in the Art of Murder adventure series from City Interactive...