• News Bethesda: Wii U Is "Not On Our Radar" Right Now

    Company has no Wii U titles in development

    Back in September last year, Bethesda — developer behind the hugely popular Elder Scrolls series — was undecided as to whether or not it would be bringing its games to the Wii U; at that stage, the idea wasn't denied nor confirmed, as it previously announced that Skyrim was a "definite possibility"...



  • News Bethesda Yet to Decide on Support for Wii U

    Clearly not in a hurry

    Bethesda Game Studios is a big deal in the video game industry; the company is behind major titles such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which it developed, and it handled publication of Fallout: New Vegas. Both are epic, open-world titles with enough content to devour dozens of hours, yet if your gaming has been restricted to...