• News Bertil Hörberg Shares Footage of His Next Game

    It may or may not get made

    Bertil Hörberg is a name that will be familiar to many Nintendo fans, as this one-man team is responsible for Gunman Clive and its sequel. Aside from the Gunman Clive HD Collection in 2015, we haven't heard anything from Hörberg, but he just recently shared some footage of the game he's been working on. There's no name...






  • News Gunman Clive 2 Shooting for 29th January Release

    Quite the turnaround

    Earlier this month, Gunman Clive developer Bertil Hörberg stated over Twitter that the awaited sequel to his eShop cult hit would have to wait a bit as he battled some recently discovered bugs--and what sounded like a nasty cold as well. It seems Hörberg made good time, though, and Gunman Clive 2 has received approval for...

  • News Gunman Clive 2 Delayed for a Few Weeks More

    Sharpshooting some serious bugs

    Hopeful townsfolk have been waiting for Gunman Clive 2, the sequel to the stylish, breakout 3DS eShop title, to ride in with the sunrise. It's still slated to come, but one-man development team Bertil Hörberg has pushed the release back to address some troublesome bugs found over Christmas. Hörberg announced the...




  • News Bertil Hörberg Shows Gunman Clive Running on the Wii U

    Undecided on a potential release

    Although his one-man studio has only released one game on Nintendo systems, its quality is such that the name Bertil Hörberg is fairly well-known among Nintendo download enthusiasts. Gunman Clive is not only an excellent game at a fantastic budget-price on the 3DS eShop, but its also held up as a notable success...



  • News Gunman Clive eShop Sales Surpass Combined Totals on iOS and Android

    That's a bit Mega

    When it comes to high-quality budget offerings on the 3DS eShop, we're not sure that they come any better than Gunman Clive, an action platformer with stylish visuals, multiple playable characters and a number of homages to classic franchises such as Mega Man. Although originally available on Android and iOS devices, with virtual...


  • News 3DS eShop Version Of Gunman Clive Outsells Android Edition

    Quick on the draw

    Gunman Clive developer Bertil Hörberg has confirmed via his Twitter account that the 3DS eShop version of the game has now passed the Android edition in terms of units sold. We reported last month that the 3DS eShop version had outsold its iOS sibling, but the Android version was the clear leader. It's amazing that the Nintendo...


  • News Gunman Clive Update Now Available For Download In North America

    Ironing out some glitches

    Over the weekend one man developer Bertil Hörberg confirmed that an update for Gunman Clive was available to download in from the European 3DS eShop. North America fans were told the update would be on its way to them soon. Well, the North American 3DS eShop didn't have to wait very long for the update to grace it with...

  • Developer Interview Bertil Hörberg On Being a One Man eShop Developer

    "I've always had a thing for Nintendo's portables"

    The 3DS eShop — along with its online store predecessors on Wii and DSi — has attracted a number of small developers that would have likely remained anonymous in previous generations. The evolution of download gaming has transformed our consoles to include smaller, more diverse experiences at...

  • News Gunman Clive Developer - Core Gameplay "Heavily Based on Mega Man"

    Other big names also mentioned

    Gunman Clive arrived at a budget price on the 3DS eShop just before Christmas and early in the New Year, depending on your region, and served up a slice of enjoyable retro-infused action. It's popped up in our news category courtesy of an update to resolve a few issues, but most notably for developer Bertil Hörberg's...

  • News Gunman Clive Update Now Available In Europe

    Fixes crashes in stage 10 and other minor problems

    Gunman Clive has been available on the 3DS eShop for a little over a month in Europe and it has already outsold its iOS counterpart. The game does have a few small glitches, however, and its creator Bertil Hörberg promised they would all be fixed in the new year. Well it seems Hörberg is coming...

  • Reaction Gunman Clive Provides a Positive Example of eShop Success

    A boost for controlled licensing

    The video game industry is in the middle of, arguably, its most unstable period — the landscape is evolving almost too quickly to track. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are currently sticking to the course as constants, in general maintaining well-worn business practices while attempting to adjust to new challenges...

  • News Gunman Clive Developer: 3DS eShop Is "Healthier" Than iOS

    3DS version of Gunman Clive has outsold Its iOS counterpart

    Gunman Clive recently made quite an impact on the 3DS eShop, earning a positive review from us and bagging some decent sales. You might assume however that the Nintendo version of the game trails its iOS and Android siblings quite badly - after all, the smartphone editions came out in...

  • News Gunman Clive Soundtrack Goes On Sale

    Yours for $1

    Gunman Clive is a recent budget-priced arrival on the 3DS eShop, and despite some reported bugs — which we didn't experience ourselves — it's earned a fairly positive response so far. With a development team of two and previous releases on smartphones, PC and Mac, it's a title that's earned some success from modest beginnings. Not...


  • News Gunman Clive Will Have Glitches Fixed In The New Year

    Second boss crash woes to be addressed

    3DS eShop title Gunman Clive has been discovered to have a few glitches that can cause it to crash. Fortunately though, developer Bertil Hörberg has responded to it and is working on a fix. In a post on NeoGAF, the developer wrote: As I suspected, the train boss bug is a command buffer overflow, which...