• News Yumi's Odd Odyssey Receives Discount in North America

    Reel in the savings before 15th June

    If you've been nibbling at the fishing rod-flinging, platforming puzzle adventure that is Yumi's Odd Odyssey but have yet to bite, perhaps a $10 discount on the North American eShop will be enough to lure you in. Until 15th June, the 3DS entry in this cult favourite series will be available for $19.99. We gave...




  • News Code Of Princess Reduced To $29.99 On North American 3DS eShop

    25 percent reduction for 2D fighter

    The 3DS eShop is seeing some impressive discounts of late, with Nintendo hacking down the cost of several of its own titles on the download store. Those titles have now been joined by Code of Princess, which is now being sold for $29.99. The original price was $39.99. "This is the rare kind of game that...


  • News Agatsuma Plans To Release Farewell Umihara Kawase Outside Japan


    The quirky, fishing line-based physics platformer Farewell Umihara Kawase for the 3DS may see a release outside Japan if publisher Agatsuma Entertainment has its way. Siliconera asked Rico Kuno Matsumara, general manager at Agatsuma, about the possibility of the game being released elsewhere and here's what he had to say: Yes, we are...



  • News Code of Princess Rated for European Release

    Hack-and-slash and gaming fans, rejoice!

    We rather like Code of Princess here at Nintendo Life, as it blends RPG ideas with intuitive hack-and-slash action, all wrapped in a gorgeous hand-drawn 2D art style. When you consider the range of customisation, the tight gameplay and the inclusion of both competitive and co-op online multiplayer, it's a...