• News Liquid Media Acquires Acclaim Entertainment Video Game Properties

    Retro revival

    Candian Studio, Liquid Media Group, has reportedly acquired the rights to 65 Acclaim Entertainment video game properties for $1 million. The fellow Canadian company, Throwback Entertainment, originally bought the collection of titles from Acclaim after its collapse in 2004. Website Geekwire has published the full list of properties...


  • News Nintendo 64 Classic Turok 2 Is Getting The Remake Treatment

    Following in the footsteps of the original, no less

    Late last year we reported on the fact that Night Dive Studios had successfully acquired the rights to remake Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, an early N64 title that was instrumental in selling the console to the masses. Now, the studio is working on a remake of the sequel. 1998's Turok 2: Seeds of Evil...


  • Feature The Making Of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

    Good dino, nice dino

    When it comes to the Nintendo 64 and first-person-shooters, there are two titles that have become synonymous with the genre: GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. While these classics rightfully deserve their place among the greats, the Turok series has largely fallen into obscurity, which is a crying shame when you consider that...


  • Feature The Best Pro Wrestling Games That the N64 Has to Offer

    We're tapping in, not out.

    The thought of a modern pro wrestling game these days is often coupled with an eye-roller. They've become as iterative as most sports games released on an annual basis - such as FIFA and Madden - but certainly have far less to offer than the examples just mentioned. What we're left with is a game that's ever-so-slightly...



  • News The Giana Sisters are back on DS after a long sabbatical

    That great old C64 platformer that DIDN'T feature a mustache or a plumber

    Here's a little history lesson for you - back in the day (1987) there lived a pretty shameless Super Mario Bros rip off called "Great Giana Sisters", which was designed for the C64 home computer. It was in fact immensely popular, probably in part simply because it's...