• Review 140 (Wii U eShop)

    What is art?

    140 - created by Jeppe Carlsen (lead puzzle designer, LIMBO) with music by Jakob Schmid - is a minimalistic rhythm-based puzzle-platform game that has clearly been inspired by the Bauhaus artistic movement. For those who aren't great lovers of art, Bauhaus was a school of art located in Germany that combined crafts with fine arts, and...


  • Review Kick & Fennick (Wii U eShop)

    A boy, a bot, and a really big gun

    When picking up any platformer for the first time, it's just second nature to check for the jump button. They're so ingrained in the experience, you're likely hearing Mario's sound effect in your head even as you're reading this. Look for a jump button in Kick & Fennick, however, and you're not going to find...


  • Review Whispering Willows (Wii U eShop)

    ​And oh yes, she sees ghosts

    An adventure game needs a fitting atmosphere, and Whispering Willows sets its tone well. An undercurrent of desolation and vague unease runs through the grounds of the old mansion in which the game is set. It's a set piece worthy of exploration, but the act of doing so doesn't seem to share the same level of...


  • Review Topoloco (DSiWare)

    It may be a map, but it's no legend

    Congratulations are in order for Abstraction Games: it released a topography game that's even less fun that it sounds. Topoloco almost deserves an award for just how much it gets entirely wrong. Before you read the rest of this review, know that we didn't expect this to be much of a game, per se. Topoloco markets...


  • Review Potpourrii (WiiWare)

    A puzzler for all seasons?

    While many of our readers bemoan the reality of the increasing abundance of puzzlers on WiiWare, we at WiiWare World welcome any games that try something new and original like Potpourrii does. That said, even original and innovative games have to offer decent gameplay. So where does this latest puzzler stand? As with most...