• Review King of Seas - Naval Combat Gets Grindy After A Promising Start

    Yo, ho! (a grinder's life for me)

    3DClouds, the studio behind racers such as All-Star Fruit Racing, Xenon Racer, and Race With Ryan have taken time away from the circuit and are back with a procedurally generated pirate adventure that charges players with becoming the one true King of the Seas. There's a touch of Sid Meier's Pirates here, a dash of...



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    Review All-Star Fruit Racing

    Mixed fruit

    When a kart racer comes to a Nintendo platform it’s almost impossible to avoid any comparisons with Mario Kart; the moustachioed plumber’s racing franchise is widely recognised to be the best that the genre has to offer, and naturally sets a benchmark for others to aspire to. All-Star Fruit Racing does, unsurprisingly, bear a...