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  • News The Nano Soundtrack Collection is Blowing Up Speakers Right Now

    Shin'en delivers a gift to the fans

    After confirming the imminent arrival of Nano Assault EX on the 3DS eShop last week, Shin'en Multimedia stated that it had a much-requested surprise on the way for fans of the series — that new treat is The Nano Soundtrack Collection. As anyone who's played any of the "Nano" titles — from DS to Wii U — will...

Wednesday27th Feb 2013

  • News Japanese Wii U eShop Still Waiting for its First Download-Only Game

    Those of us in the West are rather fortunate

    It's a common refrain among gamers in the West, especially with 3DS games, to bemoan a number of rather interesting titles that either don't come out of Japan or, alternatively, take an age to do so. When you also take into account the number of attractive hardware revisions of the handheld, particularly,...

Sunday20th Jan 2013

  • News Nano Assault Neo Update Now Available

    Fixes online ranking flags and GamePad disconnection issues

    Arcade-style blaster Nano Assault Neo has been in the Wii U eShop since the console launched, and has been keeping plenty of people entertained ever since. The game wasn't perfect, however, as it had a few niggling issues that needed to be fixed; fortunately Shin'en Multimedia, the game's...

Wednesday9th Jan 2013

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