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  • News Nintendo Wins Patent Battle Over Wii Balance Board

    Its legal body was ready

    Nintendo struck gold with the Wii, combining inexpensive technology with a motion controlled gaming hook that tens of millions of gamers found irresistible. That use of technology and the ludicrous profits it made naturally got the attention of other companies, however, with the home console and its accessories fighting a...

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  • News Wii Fit U Update 1.2.0 Trims And Slims for a Better U

    Addresses a few errors and adds some additional features

    Regular users of Wii Fit U will have noticed a brief update when booting up the game for their, presumably, daily exercise routine yesterday. For those wondering what exactly the update to Ver. 1.2.0 addressed, it was a few minor adjustments and fixes further fine tuning of the overall...

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  • Nintendo Download 30th January (Europe)

    Wii Fit U, hamsters that are brilliant and plenty of discounts

    As is now the regular routine, European Nintendo Download fans can kick off the week with an early look at what's to come in Thursday's update. The upcoming week does only feature one new game, rounding off a quiet January for the eShop platforms, but does include a series of tempting...

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  • News Wii Fit U Update Resolves Data Transfer Issues

    Fixes 'lock up' issue

    Last week we reported that some players were experiencing lock ups in Wii Fit U when attempting to transfer save data from either Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus. Nintendo quickly issued a manual solution to resolve the problem, which involved deleting Mii characters in the Wii U Mii Maker, along with any transfer data. Fortuna

Tuesday12th Nov 2013

  • News Wii Fit U Retail Release Delayed a Week in Europe

    A bit of a stretch

    Wii Fit U is already available as a free trial on the Wii U eShop, with a synchronised Wii Fit Meter then allowing that download to become a permanent purchase. Naturally Nintendo is accommodating those that prefer a disc copy or didn't pick up the original Wii software and balance board with retail releases, which are due in...

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  • Nintendo Direct Check Out the Wii Fit U Direct Here

    Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime get down to details

    Earlier today we shared some surprising news regarding the release of Wii Fit U, namely that it'll be available for a month free of charge, and that if you then purchase a Wii Fit Meter accessory — $19.99 in the U.S. with equivalent prices elsewhere — you can then keep your free download...