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Wednesday11th Jan 2023

  • Random YouTuber Speedruns Touching Grass (In Every Mario Game)

    Ground theme

    "Touch grass" has become the rallying cry for angry people on the internet, and it's most often levelled at gamers. It's shorthand for "go outside", or simply "oh my god the thing you're complaining about is SO TERMINALLY ONLINE that you really should go and do something that isn't sitting at your computer yelling at strangers on the...

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  • Random Runner Injects Flappy Bird Code into Super Mario World

    An interesting work of sacrilege

    The ability to practically program code into Super Mario World through the use of glitches opens up all sorts of possibilities, some definitely more bizarre than others. Just look toward speedrunner and tinkerer Sethbling, who managed to turn Mario into a Flappy Bird clone. Sethbling injected the code using...

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  • Video How To Game Safe On Valentine's Day

    Who wants to go out, when you can have a romantic night of gaming?

    It's that time of the year, which is either a celebration of your love to another person, or just another day for those who aren't quite as lucky. Alas, this is a video for those of the former category, but the single folk amongst you could do worse than make some notes for that...

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  • Video The Top 10 Mario Platformers, As Selected By You

    You voted, and the winner is...

    Way back in August, we asked you wonderful readers what your favourite Super Mario platform game was. You voted, and from those votes we came up with a Top 10 list, which we have immortalised in this video. If you ever played a Super Mario game, then you must be curious about what game is number one, right? Could it...

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