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  • Poll What's The Best Star Fox Game?

    Okay, what's the SECOND best Star Fox game, then?

    You hear that? That is the sound of a 25-year-old 64-bit Arwing firing up its turbo boosters as Lylat Wars fast approaches its quarter-century. (Yes, Lylat Wars -- look it up, kids.) To say that the Star Fox franchise never got better than its first sequel isn't too controversial these days. The...

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  • Rumour Koei Tecmo Pitched a Star Fox Game, But it Was Rejected

    Another Warriors title, it would seem

    Earlier today, Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games released a cache of info on Nintendo's recent plans, including the soon-to-be fully revealed Nintendo Switch. Among the info was a particularly interesting bit about the future of the Star Fox franchise; apparently Koei Tecmo approached Nintendo earlier...

Tuesday4th Oct 2016

  • News Dylan Cuthbert Voices His Thoughts on Star Fox Zero

    The man who started it all

    By this point in time it's a bit of an understatement to say that Star Fox Zero was met with divided opinion. On one hand, the arcade elements that so many fans knew and loved from Star Fox 64 were present and accounted for in this latest iteration, but the dual screen motion controls dealt it all a killing blow. It's not...

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  • News Nintendo UK is Looking For The Ultimate Star Fox Zero Ace Pilot

    Certificates for all, plus a grand prize

    Star Fox Zero has been out for a little while now, and as the time for bickering over its merits is over those that do like it still have some space blasting to do. It's a game that certainly encourages repeat plays and practice, and now Nintendo UK has launched a competition to up the ante. The company is...

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