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  • News ZREO Is Revisiting Zelda: Twilight Symphony With An 80-Piece Orchestra

    Starting with 'Midna'

    ZREO: Second Quest, the group behind the sublime Legend of Zelda-inspired Twilight Symphony, is back with 'Scoring Sessions', a new series recorded with a live studio orchestra. Each entry to the series will bring with it a full-performance video and high-quality audio recordings, with ZREO kickstarting proceedings with a...

Monday22nd May 2023

Friday14th Apr 2023

  • Poll Which Is The Best Ganondorf?

    Let's grade the gorgeous Gerudo

    Let's talk about Ganondorf. Yes, that final trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom really was something, but what was the internet's biggest talking point once it was out in the open? Ganondorf got swole. Now that we know of Ganondorf's appeara

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  • Video Which Legend Of Zelda Remaster Is Best?

    There's a tier list and everything

    Though Nintendo hasn't gone as big on remasters as some other platform holders and publishers, and in the Switch era has often opted for straight up ports on multiple occasions, The Legend of Zelda franchise has nevertheless had its fair share of improved entries. These have mainly come in the past couple of...

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  • News Tantalus Media is Developing Games for the Switch

    Cue speculation

    It already came as a bit of a surprise when Nintendo announced that they'd be doing an HD remaster of Twilight Princess, but few would have guessed that it'd be outsourcing the project to a third-party studio in Australia. The studio in question is known as Tantalus Media, and the team there did an excellent job of bringing the Zelda...

Tuesday27th Sep 2016

Monday20th Jun 2016

  • News Kirby: Planet Robobot and Yo-kai Watch Hang On in UK Top 40

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has sales boost

    Somewhat predictably considering the information and hype black hole that is E3, last week was short of major releases at retail. As a result the UK top 40 was a battle of established games, with DOOM seizing top spot off the back of price promotions. In any case, the picture for Nintendo UK...

Monday30th May 2016

  • News The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Is Coming to the West

    'Akira Himekawa' confirms Viz Media will take up publication

    A while ago it was confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess would have its own manga. At the time it was only pinned down for a Japanese release, but Akira Himekawa - the combined name for the two artists behind many of these franchise manga - has since outed it as being...

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