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Monday26th Oct 2015

  • Nintendo Download 29th October (Europe)

    Project Zero! Resi 4! Binding of Isaac! Freedom Planet! Much, much more!

    It's the start of another week, but Nintendo fans in Europe at least have the download update to cheer their spirits. This week's edition seems to be a bit of a doozy, in fairness, with a mix of in-demand titles across both Wii U and - notably - the New Nintendo 3DS / 3DS; on...

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Monday11th May 2009

  • News This Is How Long Wii Play M-Rated Games

    See, people like killing each other on Wii too

    Listmania continues! In a nice addition to last week's reveal of what Wii owner's play, Kotaku has compiled a list using the Nintendo Channel's play data on how much time is spent with M-rated games. Call of Duty: World at War steals the most play time, with the average user unloading 34:28 hours into...

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Tuesday19th Jun 2007

  • News Gore Prevails, Resident Evil 4 Out Today

    Violence fans rejoice, whilst your waiting for Manhunt 2 you can get your paws on Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition in the US from today.

    "Resident Evil® 4 is one of the highest rated games on Game and, garnering dozens of awards and nominations for its amazing game play and incredible re-invention of the...

Wednesday13th Jun 2007

  • News Resident Evil 4 Gore Fest Confirmed

    Destructoid snags some proof that RE4 Wii Edition will indeed be the blood fest us mature gamers expected, despite being toned down in Japan.

    There was rumours flying around the interweb over the past month or two that the western release of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition would be toned down like its Japanese counterpart, a huge blow to fans of the...

Monday4th Jun 2007

  • News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Receives Top Scores

    Infamous Famitsu magazine in Japan has given almost perfect scores to the rehashed Resident Evil 4 for Wii.

    "Of the 4 review scores given, two editors gave the game a 10/10. The other two were still lovin’ the Wii version enough to give it a 9/10. The reviewers said that even though the content is almost the same as the GameCube title, the...

Sunday6th May 2007

  • News Resident Evil 4 At Budget Price

    It has been confirmed that the port of GameCube classic Resident Evil 4 will come at budget price.

    For Capcom to release a full price game practically the same as the version you've seen in second hand boxes around the country would have simply been bad business. So it's great news that the official Capcom site though the remake of Resident Evil 4...

Friday20th Apr 2007

  • News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition In June

    Nintendo to publish the Capcom developed game in Europe on June 29th.

    Reported by WiiWii (via British Gaming Blog) we've learnt of the release date for Europe. "Nintendo has confirmed that they are distributing the upcoming Resi Wii games in Europe, not really news that, but what is news is that we know 1 release date. It’s been confirmed that...

Thursday5th Apr 2007

  • News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Revealed

    Capcom let it slip that we are to expect a new Wii Edition of the all popular Resident Evil 4.

    An article has been spotted in the latest Famitsu games magazine in Japan, where the game is revealed to be an "ultimate edition" of the game, perfect for those that never played the GC classic. "Think Resi 4, but with new controls on Wii: and there might...