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  • Site News So, Where's Our Baldo Review?

    The Guardian Owls are nowhere to be seen

    Baldo: The Guardian Owls — a gorgeous-looking Ghibli-inpired RPG from Naps Team — has been on our radar for a couple of years now, and it's been quite some time since it got highlighted in the March 2020 Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Originally scheduled to launch last summer, it

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  • News Switch Timed Exclusive Baldo Is Giving Us Serious Studio Ghibli Feels

    Like anime you can play!

    We're massive fans of the work of Japan's legendary Studio Ghibli here at Nintendo Life, so we were pleasantly surprised when we saw footage of Naps Team's Baldo during today's Indie World showcase. The action-adventure RPG looks like an anime movie you can play (where have we seen that before?) and promises to be full of...

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