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  • News Nintendo Explains Why It Took Down The Labo Website

    "We routinely conduct product website maintenance and reorganization"

    [Update #2: 21/04/2021]: Nintendo of America has responded to reports that it has removed the Labo website, stating that the line is still available for purchase. Speaking to Games Radar, NoA said: "Nintendo Labo is available at retail locations. We routinely conduct product...

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  • News Nintendo Releases Free Christmas VR Game For Labo On Switch

    And it's even called 'Christmas'

    Wanting to get into the Christmas spirit and also get more playtime out of your fancy Nintendo Labo VR Kit in equal measure? Well, you've certainly found the right place. Nintendo has released a new - and free - VR game for its Labo VR Kit on Switch. Simply called 'Christmas', the game has appeared on the Japanese...

Wednesday20th Nov 2019

  • News Another Free Labo VR Mini-Game Has Been Released

    Explore the moon in VR

    Nintendo has done a great job of supporting its innovative Labo VR kit with free mini-games, and we've just been gifted yet another today. Dubbed 'Lunar Exploration', the game tasks you with hopping into a lunar rover and exploring the surface of the earth's only natural satellite. To download the game, head over to the...

Monday9th Sep 2019

  • News Patent Filed For New Nintendo Switch VR Headset

    Update on the Labo kit on the way?

    While it may not have been quite as convincing as other VR offerings in the market, Nintendo's Labo VR kit was a likeable experiment which proved that even on tech as humble as Switch, a decent virtual reality experience could be achieved. VR modes have since been added to several key releases, and it would seem...

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  • News Unity Announces Support For Labo VR On Switch

    Now part of the game engine's development tools

    While the VR experience offered by Labo VR Kit is undeniably limited compared to some of the more high-tech Virtual Reality offerings on the market, it's a great introduction to the concept and there's plenty of potential in it should developers feel the desire to explore the virtual possibilities...

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  • News Free 'Alien Bopping' Labo VR Minigame Available To Download

    Follow the link in the Labo VR News Channel

    A free minigame for the Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit has appeared to download on the game's News Channel. Called 'Alien Bopping', it's a simple whack-a-mole game challenging you to bash as many aliens on the head as you possibly can in 60 seconds. Rather than appearing on the list of 64 minigames in the VR...

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