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Wednesday21st Apr 2021

  • News Nintendo Explains Why It Took Down The Labo Website

    "We routinely conduct product website maintenance and reorganization"

    [Update #2: 21/04/2021]: Nintendo of America has responded to reports that it has removed the Labo website, stating that the line is still available for purchase. Speaking to Games Radar, NoA said: "Nintendo Labo is available at retail locations. We routinely conduct product...

Friday13th Dec 2019

  • Deals These Nintendo Labo Kits Are A Steal At Just £10.99 Each (UK)

    Vehicle, Variety and Robot kits available

    Nintendo's Labo kits are an ingenious showcase of the company's imagination and the versatility of the Switch, and we've had a good time with each of the four kits currently available. The cardboard might not have years' worth of longevity, but the novel experiences they offer make them more than worth the...

Friday29th Nov 2019

Thursday20th Jun 2019

Friday22nd Mar 2019

  • News Nintendo Labo Wins GDC Innovation Award

    The power of cardboard

    At the very beginning of 2019, the organisers of the 19th Game Developers Choice awards announced this year's nominees. On the Switch front, Nintendo Labo was nominated for an innovation award, while indie titles such as Celeste got nominated for the best audio, design and game of the year. The winners of each category have...

Saturday16th Feb 2019

Saturday5th Jan 2019

  • News Nintendo Labo Nominated For GDC Innovation Award

    Smash Bros. Ultimate Receives an honourable mention

    The organisers of the 19th Game Developers Choice Awards have announced this year's nominees. The winners of each category will be announced on 20th March at the San Francisco Moscone Center during the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) event hosted by Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine...

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  • News Nintendo UK Launches New Weekly Nintendo Labo YouTube Series

    Be inspired

    Nintendo UK has launched a brand new series on the Nintendo Labo UK YouTube channel that will provide fans with weekly content on everyone's favourite cardboard and gaming mash-up. The new hosts of the channel will be there each week, delving deeper into each of the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con, sharing ideas, hints and tips, and...

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