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  • News DOOM Slayers Collection Looks Set For Switch

    Update: It's official

    Update: The Doom Slayers Collection has now been revealed and is available on the Switch eShop for $34.99 USD. If you like the DOOM series and capitalised game titles, then the Switch certainly has you covered. Nintendo's little system has kept up with the recent - rather good - re-releases of the older titles, and has even...

Monday24th May 2021

  • Random DOOM CAPTCHAs Are Way More Fun Than "Click Here If You're Not A Robot"


    No one likes CAPTCHAs. We all understand that they're a necessary evil, to stop evil robots from infiltrating our favourite Metroid fanfic forums and writing nonsense about Samus Aran and Mother Brain kissing, but do they have to be so terribly boring? It's all, "click here to prove you're human" and "please select all squares...

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  • News ZeniMax Founder Robert A. Altman Has Died

    RIP Robert A. Altman, 1947-2021

    Bethesda announced on Twitter today the passing of their founder and CEO, Robert A. Altman. "He was a true visionary, friend, and believer in the spirit of people and the power of what they could accomplish together," they said in the tweet, with an attached statement that said they are "proud to carry on the values...

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  • Video The Doom Annihilation Movie Looks Absolutely Horrifying

    In more ways than one

    Take a moment to reflect on 2005 and you might remember the science fiction action horror film based on id Software's famous video game franchise DOOM, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It ended up being a box office bomb and was a movie the majority of fans and critics would rather forget. Years later, Johnson himself said...

Monday4th Feb 2019

Friday21st Dec 2018

  • Video Digital Foundry Revisits DOOM On The Nintendo Switch

    Return to Hell

    Last week, Panic Button unleashed hell on the Switch by releasing a new update for its 2017 title, DOOM. The developer said patch 1.2 improved the game's performance and allowed players to add recent competitors to their friend list. It also added in a video capture option, enabling the most brutal moments in the game to be recorded...

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