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  • Random YouTuber Speedruns Touching Grass (In Every Mario Game)

    Ground theme

    "Touch grass" has become the rallying cry for angry people on the internet, and it's most often levelled at gamers. It's shorthand for "go outside", or simply "oh my god the thing you're complaining about is SO TERMINALLY ONLINE that you really should go and do something that isn't sitting at your computer yelling at strangers on the...

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  • News The Latest Super Mario Bros. Speedrun WR Is A Definitive Breakthrough

    4:54.948 may be the last time a second barrier is broken

    If you follow the retro gaming scene on Twitch, it's likely you spend a decent amount of time watching speedrunners. It can be fascinating to see how older titles are manipulated, streamlined and mastered over hundreds of hours, and if you happen to catch a world record live it can be an...

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  • News CNN Covers The Super Nintendo World Opening

    The Osaka theme park is now open to the public

    CNN Correspondent Selina Wang visited the newly-opened Super Nintendo World to show off the theme park, as well as detailing some of its COVID policies. She even managed to get a ride on the AR Mario Kart track, "Koopa's Challenge", which is more than many visitors will get - VGC noted that the queue...

Tuesday16th Mar 2021

  • Random You Can Vote For The "Best Off-Model Mario" On Twitter Right Now

    Someone put these Marios out of their misery

    Forget Bunny Day and St Patrick: the most important event this week is the Off-Model Mario Championship, in which multiple mangled Marios will battle for the dubious honour of being crowned Weirdest Mario. Here are the ones who've made it to Round 32: Climb into the Mario mouth for endless times of...

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