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  • News Nintendo Details Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0 Update

    New heroes and Book III inbound

    Nintendo today released a ten-minute trailer outlining updates coming to Fire Emblem Heroes, their mobile game based on Intelligent Systems' strategy RPG franchise. Despite being short and sweet, a lot of info was packed into the trailer, which we've broken down here for easy consumption. New Chapter and New...

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  • Awesome Check Out This Faithful (And Fan-Made) Fire Emblem Board Game

    For Heroes only

    Board games have been back in vogue for a while now, and most licenses worth their salt have their own dice-rolling, turn-taking equivalent the in the tabletop scene, but not Fire Emblem Heroes. It's proved a super hit on mobile, but with no board game equivalent on offer, one talented fan has filled the gap in the market with their...

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