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  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)


    Welcome back to yet another round of Box Art Brawl! Before we hop onto the case of this week's match-up, let's first take a look at the results from last time. We pitted three covers for the GameCube shmup Ikaruga against each other and wow, it was a close one. The European cover art just topped the competition with 36% of the vote,...

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  • Poll What's The Best Ace Attorney Game?

    You be the judge

    20 years ago, on 12th October 2001, the very first Ace Attorney game was released on Game Boy Advance. Although we wouldn't get the game in English until 2005 — when it was re-released on the DS — the Ace Attorney series has long been beloved by people all over the world. A large part of that is due to the loveable protagonist...

Saturday22nd Sep 2018

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  • Video Capcom Celebrates 15 Years of Ace Attorney

    Worth a watch for the music alone

    We've just recently seen the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice in the West, and as the Tokyo Game Show heads towards its conclusion we now have an official video focused the broader franchise. Notably, Capcom is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the series. The video below is, naturally,...

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Friday27th May 2011

  • News Capcom Announces Live Action Ace Attorney Movie

    Wait until you see Edgeworth

    Japan's appetite for all things Ace Attorney continues, as Capcom and director Takashi Miike announce a joint project to bring the offbeat detective series to the silver screen. The appointment of Miike as director is an interesting choice, as his past work spans everything from Yatterman to the severely gory Ichi the...

Sunday18th Jul 2010

  • News Shu Takumi Talks Ghost Trick, Ace Attorney

    Would love to see a 3DS Phantom Detective

    Recently, published an interview with Shu Takumi, a creative director at Capcom who's working on Ghost Trick and whose past projects include the first four Phoenix Wright titles. In it, he discusses his excitement with Phantom Detective: I swear none of you have ever seen anything like it...

Sunday21st Feb 2010

  • News ONM Cross-Examines Capcom on Ace Attorney

    Gamers get their questions answered

    Coinciding with Friday's European launch of the fifth game in the series, a recent ONM Asks session saw Shu Takumi (Creative Director of the Ace Attorney series) and Motohide Eshiro (Producer of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth) answering some questions on the popular quirky courtroom puzzle games...

Sunday13th Dec 2009