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  • News Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3DS XL Owners

    Download delights

    Club Nintendo is a nice extra for Nintendo gamers, though we imagine there are a few that don't necessarily bother to go through the process of logging in and completing surveys for all of their game or hardware purchases. That may change due to a handsome new promotion for 3DS XL, as Nintendo of Europe is offering a free retail...

Monday26th Nov 2012

  • Nintendo Download 29th November 2012 (Europe)

    Pokémon, Airplanes, Dots and a couple of demos

    Although the eyes of many European Nintendo fans may be fixed on this Friday - we hear that there's a big hardware launch, apparently - the crazy world of downloadable software trundles along regardless. We've got a handheld-focused selection for you this week, with games for your 3DS and DSi consoles...

Monday12th Nov 2012

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Tuesday30th Oct 2012

  • Nintendo Download 1st November 2012 (Europe)

    Monsters, samurai, spaceships and dragons

    It's that time again when we cross our fingers and hope for some downloadable treats from Nintendo, hoping against hope that we aren't subjected to tricks instead. This week is a mixed bag, with promising, awful and mystery downloads available across all platforms, so let's get to it. 3DS Download: Monster...

Tuesday23rd Oct 2012

  • News Iwata Asks Talks Up Style Savvy: Trendsetters as a Game For Everyone

    It's "like a fighting game! (laughs)"

    Style Savvy: Trendsetters is now available in North American stores and on the 3DS eShop, which may not be news to excite a large number of gamers. That said, we awarded this 8/10 in our review, suggesting that perhaps the theme shouldn't completely distract us from the quality of the gaming experience. We...

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