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  • Feature The Spookiest Levels In Non-Spooky Games


    Aside from costumes, big bowls of sweets and the impending fear that I'm A Celebrity will soon dominate TV again, if there is one thing that you can bank on over Halloween, it's lots, and lots of scary video games. The spooky season has an annoying habit of seeking out those of us — this writer included — who are not the best with...

Monday27th Dec 2021

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  • Feature The Most Memorable Ghosts In Nintendo Games

    Spooks, spectres and ghosts that stuck around

    It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark... Well, perhaps. Yes, Nintendo Switch has its fair share of true horrors, but there's a fair chance that any ghost you happen across on Nintendo platforms could be a Casper-like friendly phantom. With Halloween almost upon us and Luigi up...

Saturday13th Apr 2019