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  • Guide Tackling the Bosses in Star Fox Zero

    Open the wings!

    With Star Fox Zero now in stores, you all have the chance to enjoy it for yourselves - we think it's a gem, but ultimately the Wii U audience will decide. In order to help you with the game - should you want assistance - we've already shared a getting started guide and details on how to unlock all the stages. We're wrapping up our...

  • Guide Unlocking Every Stage in Star Fox Zero

    We're not leaving Peppy behind

    In many respects Star Fox Zero is a loving tribute and reimagination of Star Fox 64, yet it takes a different approach to unlocking stages. It starts off relatively linear, in a first run-through of the story, and then it's time to play through once again. As you unlock new transformations and vehicles new options...

  • Guide Getting Started With Star Fox Zero and Mastering the Controls

    We also look at the basics of amiibo and co-op

    Star Fox Zero is landing on the eShop and in stores, bringing us the first full entry in the series in a number of years. We were big fans in our review, yet the game has been divisive, in part because of its GamePad-centric controls - for our money we think the time required to master the game's...







  • Guide Tips On How To Become A Squid Hotshot In Splatoon

    Get inked

    Today marks the launch of Splatoon, Nintendo's infectious take on the traditional team-based online shooter. While this ink-splattered offering is far more friendly and accessible than your typical web-based blaster, there are still a few key points you might want to keep in mind before dashing - or should that be swimming? - headlong...

  • Feature A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2015

    Plenty to see

    The madness is on the way, with Los Angeles all set to host hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees for E3 2015. While technically an expo like any other, it has become far more than that for game companies and their fans. It's a major centrepiece of any gaming year, and an opportunity for major publishers and developers to...





  • Guide Tips And Tricks To Get You Started In Bayonetta 2

    Struggling to climax? Follow our advice

    Bayonetta 2 is out today, and while there are difficulty options that accommodate all skill levels, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from some tips to help get you started.  The below guide will help provide you with an understanding of how to approach even the most challenging situations with a...

  • Guide How To Find Every Umbran Crow In Bayonetta 2

    Catch 'em all to unlock stamps for Miiverse

    Umbran Crows are evasive little creatures. Twenty of these dodgy birds are hiding throughout the world of Bayonetta 2, and it's up to you to catch 'em all. Not only can locating each one be a task in itself, but possessing the requisite speed and skill to scoop them up before they're alerted to your...


  • Guide How to Beat Everyone Else in Mario Kart 8

    Pro tips, particularly useful if you're going to EGX

    Over the past two months we've run qualifying heats for the UK Mario Kart 8 Championship, in which the country's fastest racer will be crowned at this weekend's EGX event in London. As part of our dedicated area within Nintendo's booth attendees of the show will also be able take part in a...




  • Guide Getting Started in Mario Kart 8

    Don't drive into the deep end

    As some of the Nintendo Life team still like discs that come in boxes, our original plan was to release a getting started guide on 30th May; then we remembered some of you trendy types may download the title as soon as it pops up on the Wii U eShop, which may or may not be at midnight. You just can't wait, right? So...

  • Video How To Become A Mario Kart 8 Master In Eight Easy Steps

    Our newcomer's guide to mastering the basics

    Mario Kart 8 launches at the end of this month, and if you've already read our glowing review, then you'll be well aware that this is a game you need to experience for yourself. The Mario Kart series has gradually evolved and developed over two decades, and there will be many people preparing to play...


  • Guide Getting Started With Your Wii U

    Nintendo provides some how-to guides for your new console

    Unlike most readers at Nintendo Life, not everyone who buys a Wii U will know everything about it before they've even opened the box. Hardware launches such as this are a great time for companies to attract new users, with that in mind Nintendo has released a series of handy videos to get...

  • Guide Transferring your Mii to the Wii U

    From Mii to U

    When the Wii first arrived in 2006, the ability to put yourself in the game with Miis was a novel addition that caught on quickly. These days most of us have grown quite attached to our own Miis, as evidenced by the number of them gracing the Nintendo Life forums and comment sections as user avatars. Thankfully, a new console doesn't...

  • Guide Using USB Storage with the Wii U

    Commit these instructions to memory

    The Wii U's eShop represents a big step forward in digital distribution for Nintendo, with eShop-only indie titles sharing shelf space with downloadable versions of major retail releases from day one. These larger titles can easily occupy over 10GB of space, with Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition confirmed...


  • News The Definitive Guide To Wii U

    Everything you need to know

    Want to know everything there is to know about Nintendo's new home console, Wii U? What it can do and which games you'll be able to play on it when it launches later this year? We've got you covered with all the information there is right here in this handy guide. As news regarding any new hardware launch is changing all...