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Sat 28th March, 2009

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Mahe commented on 'Mr. Tetris', Henk Rogers, Discusses Game Boy ...:

"Nowadays, you have to build the game and then hope you can keep nickel-and-dime-ing people afterward. You have to interrupt the experience asking for money, and I think it takes away from the game."

Spot on. The "freemium" model is quite unappealing.



Mahe commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (Europe):

WarioWare is a great game, but I already have several copies of it (GBA, GC, 3DS Ambassador). Nothing for me then.

@Frapp That would be great, but it would require some special engineering. It could work with just a Wiimote, too.



Mahe commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Played some two-player Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze already, hunting those missing puzzle pieces. Other likely candidates include Mario & Luigi from Wii U Virtual Console, and 3DS games headed by the Streetpass Mii Plaza games.



Mahe commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

@TurretGunZ It's partly Nintendo's fault that the video game industry is doing badly. By driving Wii U to the ground with the asinine Gamepad, they're hurting their own games as well as third party games. If there was no Gamepad, Wii U games from both Nintendo and third parties would be selling better.



Mahe commented on GameStop Confirms Exclusive "Peach Pink" 2DS S...:

"It's little surprise that this charming Mii-sim has come to the West, especially as it's enjoyed impressive sales in Japan."

Not that clear-cut really. It's been out for a while in Japan. Meanwhile, another even much more popular "Mii-sim" from Japan, Tomodachi Connection, hasn't even been confirmed yet, and the DS version was never translated.



Mahe commented on Feature: Looking at the 3DS Revolution on its ...:

Revolution? The 3DS wasn't a revolution, it wasn't even an evolution - it was actually a worsening from the DS and DSi. Still a good handheld that has come into its own, but one can only wonder what would have happened if Nintendo hadn't bet on the 3D screen and had made a truly revolutionary successor to the DS/DSi instead...



Mahe commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (Europe):

@faint The difference isn't all that big, and it would help if there was a wider retail presence as well as downloadable games from bigger publishers. Just think back to the recently cancelled Pac-Man collection - which still came out on other consoles. That's just the tip of the iceberg in showing that even download games are avoiding the eShop.



Mahe commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (Europe):

@JohnG There's not much Nintendo can do about it right now. They coupled the Wii U with the Gamepad, it didn't take off, many developers don't want to develop for it. Hence the lack of games, especially interesting ones.



Mahe commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

@cfgk24 I also avoid using my Gamepad at all times when possible, because I simply don't like it. I'd rather have a console that I could use completely without the Gamepad, but that's not currently possible.

Glad that many games like Donkey Kong Country TF don't require the Gamepad.



Mahe commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

@wombatkidd Here you go, CVG article about the PS1:

"--first pic of the 32-bit Sony PlayStation console which has excited punters and producers alike with its allegedly 'better than Saturn' specification."

"We're not too sure about that nasty-looking (PS1) joypad".

Slamming both the Saturn and the PS1 in the same article! (Though it's generally positive for the PS1, as the PS1 was really shaping up to be a worthwhile console back then - easily the best of the bunch between it, the Saturn and the N64.)



Mahe commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

Makes me want to replay the game. Looks much more interesting than Mario 3D World. Wonder how it would look on my Wii U?

@Melkac It's not fact, you just have a poorly compatible HDTV. Wii games look great through Wii U backwards compatibility and HDMI on my HDTV. Much better than the "SD" version in this video.