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Fri 17th Feb 2012

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jonnymac commented on Review: GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64):

A few months ago there was an n64 console on sale with Goldeneye and MarioKart at my local pawnshop. No matter that every additional controller was €15, no matter the fact that my girlfriend threatened to leave me if I played it while she was in the house and certainly no matter buying the extra adaptor thingy needed to plug it in to a hi-tech television. I don't have another console and I couldn't care less about buying one. When I was younger I played on all sorts of consoles, today I'm not really the gaming type.
Actually if I'm going to be honest I bought the television because I found the console, I've never owned one before this. I wouldn't do the same for Crash Bandicoot, Ace Combat or Tomb Raider. Not only is Goldeneye part of my youth but it's just a damned good game that'll infuriate me until I pass every single level on every difficulty level and get every single cheat.
Thanks for posting this review.