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United Kingdom

Sun 9th Dec 2012

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Protean commented on Review: Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 (Wii U):

Ubisoft had an open goal when they released this. not wiifit yet and on the platform that invented the fitness genre. seeing this on special i picked it up. I'm thoroughly bored of WFs excercises cannon now so I thought i'd give it a go.
Let me start by saying there is nothing soothing about the voice if you're a Brit. Localisation Nintendo took the care to do is absent but thanks to imported TV you'll understand the fast and loose use of words like navel. More serious is the manual entering of your weight as stone is not supported.
The wiimote tracking is also very unreliable as motion+ does not seem to be supported and the onscreen maniquins are not shown holding them (adding a layer of confusion - what does the game want to see). This is really annoying when you are encouraged to improve or reach a target without believing it really reflects your performance.
The excersises themselves are good but a bit hard on the back - as with all fitness games I've tried so far no option to ask them to lay off problem areas like bad backs, pulled muscles or missing limbs.
The daily challenges are a good idea and great motivator to mix things up, however maddeningly pressing them does not lead directly into the activity. You have to search for the item itself amongst similar challenges. I once didn't get my bonus on a song because I chose the wrong difficulty with no way of telling which I was supposed to be doing.
I'm not saying this is a terrible fitness game there are some very good ideas but a lot of short comings. Your main screen is largely redundant in the menus and there should be an option to navigate using the wiimote especially when the activities rely heavily on you holding it. Try to do that and work the gamepad.

Ubisoft have good support for thier achievements and lots of unlockables to keep you going but we will need more than 5 songs to keep us interested and more support for the tools we might have, the omission of the scales is baffling.
Lets hope it's patched rather than modified by a sequel or I'll be heading back to wii fit.