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Male, 15, United States

A psychotic fan of all things Nintendo. From Kirby to Fire Emblem, I love it all. I am incredibly optimistic, which tends to cause more problems than it solves. And pineapple is amazing.

Tue 13th November, 2012

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Inazuma_Pikpik commented on Third Annual Hyrule Hustlers: Zelda Marathon F...:

Someone actually thinks about the children, instead of just saying "Think of the children!" Way to go.
I love seeing my favorite pastime used to help people. Things like this and Awesome Games Done Quick show that video games aren't playthings that cause violence.



Inazuma_Pikpik commented on Game Designers Reveal How Super Mario Bros. 3 ...:

I wanted to make a comment before the bias began, but... it seems I'm too late. This was just proving how regular games can be converted to a free-to-play format, and I'd say they did a good job. Us self-proclaimed "gamers" would never play it, but think about who f2p games are directed at. The hardcore audience? No. The casual audience who will play for 5-10 minutes? Yes. Their idea makes sense, and it would be fairly successful is SMB3 as we know it never existed.



Inazuma_Pikpik commented on GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chro...:

If Nintendo and Atlus did an official reprint, they definitely didn't give GS the go-ahead open the games, mark them as used, and mark the price up to $90.So Gamestop either did something legally fishy, or just morally wrong. Either way, I think I'll be buying my games from Target for a while.