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  • Talking Point Nintendo's Year of Giving

    Making Santa look bad

    As we approach the Holiday season, it seems appropriate to reflect on the act of giving. Although it’s nice to say that the real pleasure is in giving gifts, 3DS owners can be honest and say that receiving them is also rather enjoyable. Nintendo have provided a lot of free content since the handheld’s launch, in a variety...


  • News Sony Says Wii Are Impulsive, You Say...

    If I posted an article about every dig the competition took at Nintendo, I would have no time for anything else. However, on this occasion I thought it might be interesting to see what you, our marvelous readers, think on the Wii's 'gimmick factor'.

    Most Nintendo fans will remember a time when Mario & Co ruled all, a world where Playstation's and X-Box's didn't exist. Nintendo had a totally..


  • Your View Zelda Twilight Princess

    Launching a console with a new Zelda game, how does it measure up?

    It's been a very long time coming, but you should finally have Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in your hands and your swinging your Wiimote around. After the "different" style of Wind Waker, how do you find the graphics of Twilight Princess, back on form? Have you missed the look...

  • Your View Wii Sports

    Bundled with the console, everyone has an opinion

    Wii finally launches and everyone should of booted up Wii Sports by now. Which does it best for you, Tennis? Boxing? Bowling? Golf? Baseball? Have you tried Wii Fitness? Are you classed as an old man (ReInstall) or a fit athelete (pHaT-aNt_)? Tell us about your experience with Wii Sports, what you...