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  • News Nintendo of America Launches Camp Miiverse Challenge

    Better than Kamp Krusty

    It's summertime, so what do you want to do, kids! Play video games indoors, of course, video games that represent outdoor sports. Well, maybe just when it's raining. Of course, some go off to summer camps, where personal hygiene is lost and uncomfortable bunk beds are the norm, which is why those camps are so awesome. As a...

  • News Wii Sports Club Update Arrives, Probably Doesn't Do Much

    "Enhancements to improve the user’s experience"

    Wii Sports Club has now been released in full as four separate downloads, while it's also now in stores as a retail disc in Europe — that offering arrives in North America on 25th July. The Wii U upgrade to the iconic bundled Wii software may not be enjoying the cultural impact of the original, but...

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    Wii U

    Review Wii Sports Club

    Wii Sports Club Assemble!

    Wii Sports Club began life as a rather interesting eShop initiative by Nintendo, as sports from the original Wii pack-in were gradually released with multiple purchase options — timed passes for a small amount or a permanent pass for fairly standard download price. With the set of five now complete it's hard to say how...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Wii Sports Club: Baseball + Boxing

    Swing and a miss

    Wii Sports Club has had a rather odd history to date. Released in increments that have been surprisingly spread out, it's attempted to recapture the magic of the Wii bundle title while throwing in Miiverse, MotionPlus controls and GamePad features. Online play has also been a vital inclusion, yet the piecemeal distribution and...







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    Wii U eShop

    Review Wii Sports Club: Bowling

    No splits here

    When it comes to the games in the original Wii Sports that felt the most realistic and compelling, Bowling would have to be a candidate as the best of the lot. Golf and Baseball may have a say, too, while Tennis and Boxing — most definitely the latter — perhaps had the greatest degree of waggle. The fact Bowling reappeared in...

  • Video Check Out Wii Sports Club's Skill Shaper Modes

    Brush up on your tennis and bowling

    Wii Sports Club isn't just a series of HD remakes of the events seen in the Wii launch classic — it also offers "Skill Shaper" modes which are supposed to enhance and improve your talents by focusing on the basics. Each sport has three Skill Shaper events, and you can view all six (three from Tennis, three from...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Wii Sports Club: Tennis

    What the deuce?

    Way back at E3 2011, in that Wii U reveal that rather bizarrely confused half of those watching, Nintendo showed remixes of Wii Sports events that showed the GamePad being utilised in creative ways. It's perhaps surprising that over two years after that visual demo, we're just now seeing the iconic Wii pack-in make its way to...

  • Talking Point Regional Online Multiplayer Misses the Point

    Wii Sports Club keeps it local, unless you're in a PAL territory

    Nintendo can work in mysterious ways at times, especially when it comes to online modes. Some will feel that the company doesn't actually deliver enough online gaming — with many titles committed to local multiplayer only — while we have others serving up regional online play. The...

  • News Packaged Physical Release of Wii Sports Club May Happen

    Might not be an exclusive digital offering

    Nintendo is a smart cookie when it comes to milking franchises. Its products, services, and software regularly offer the perfect balance of new and old. The latest example of this is Wii Sports Club – a digital remake of the original Wii Sports in HD, with online play and Miiverse functionality joining...

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