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  • Round Table Let's Talk Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS

    The Nintendo Life team chat about the handheld brawler

    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has been out for a few weeks now, so we've all had chance to blast through Smash Run, collect plenty of trophies and face off against human opponents both locally and online. Here at Nintendo Life Towers we felt that now was the perfect time to look back at the...





  • Round Table Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii U Price Cut

    It's going to be a bumpy ride

    This week certainly wasn't dull in the world of Nintendo. To the surprise of everyone, Nintendo announced the 2DS, a member of the 3DS family that abandons the clamshell design and, yes, the 3D effect. The initial reaction was generally of bemusement, yet Nintendo's target audience of young children and uncertain...



  • Round Table Let's Talk About the 3DS

    You've come a long way, little one

    So, the 3DS approaches its third E3 in good shape, having passed its second Birthday while enjoying a run of strong sales worldwide. It also has a games library, both current and coming in the next six months, in exceptionally rude health; the upcoming lineup in 2013 is packed with potential blockbuster hits, so...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About the F-Zero Franchise


    With SNES classic F-Zero coming to the end of its spell as the 30 cent/30 pence Famicom Anniversary promotion on the Wii U eShop, some of us in the Nintendo Life team thought that it was the perfect time to talk about the franchise. With just four main releases — include the GBA title but discounting the arcade unit — it's not been...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About Festive Gaming

    It's all so jolly

    Well, it's Christmas Eve, and as the famous song said we're "simmmmply haaaaving a wonderful Christmas time" here at Nintendo Life. With Santa currently loading up his sleigh with those rather weighty Wii U consoles for the good gamers of the World, a few members of the team decided to have a chat about festive memories and the...

  • Round Table Let's Talk About The Wii U eShop

    A new era of downloads

    This week we've been publishing an extensive range of Developer Interviews with all of the indie studios that released download-only games at launch on the Wii U eShop. Naturally, there's been plenty to talk about, so some of the Nintendo Life team decided to weigh in with their thoughts. Joining features editor Tom Whitehead...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About Super Mario

    Get a comfortable seat

    We've already unveiled our favourite Super Mario games, but it's a series with plenty of talking points. We're in the middle of the busiest spell of new Super Mario games in the history of the franchise, with two 'New Super Mario Bros.' titles arriving this year, which will mean that three new entries will have arrived within...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About a Year of the 3DS eShop

    Filling up those SD cards

    This week we've celebrated one year of the 3DS eShop, with our own top ten eShop games and a retrospective on a year of the platform. To round off the week a few members of the team discuss the eShop's first year and consider the positives so far, and where it can improve. Joining features editor Thomas Whitehead are...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About a Year of 3DS

    There's a lot to cover

    This week we've been celebrating the one-year anniversary of 3DS, a landmark that finds the handheld in relatively good health. It's been a dramatic, at times traumatic beginning for the console, so some of the Nintendo Life team got together to talk about their experiences and opinions of the system's first year. Joining...


  • Round Table Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012

    Should be a good 'un

    It's a new year, with a recovering 3DS and a fresh home console on the way from Nintendo: these are certainly interesting times. We decided to have a chat about the prospects for Nintendo in 2012, including our thoughts on the company's prospects, as well as our hopes, dreams and fears. Joining features editor Thomas Whitehead...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About the GameCube and Wii

    From a cube to the revolution

    With the GameCube recently reaching its tenth anniversary and the Wii five years old, we decided to get together to discuss both consoles, assessing their impact and legacy. These two consoles are in an interesting position of being relatively close in terms of graphical technology, yet wildly different in gaming...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About Castlevania

    25 years of memories

    This week has been Castlevania features week. We’ve picked our top ten games from the series, reviewed an awful novelisation of Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest, and provided some tips for wannabe Dracula hunters. One thing that has become clear amongst the team is that this series is packed full of memories and nostalgia, as...

  • Round Table Remembering the Nintendo 64

    Check out the polygons!

    This week we have been celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Nintendo 64, looking at memorable games, the revolutionary aspects of the system, the let-downs and disappointments, as well as the possible 3D future for N64 titles. Now it’s time to relax and get into some good old retro reminiscences, scouring our aging...


  • Round Table Mario's Past and Future

    Can we foresee the plumber hanging up his overalls?

    As we leave March 2010, it's with deep sadness we also have to kiss goodbye to MAR10 Month. We've had podcasts, reviews of classic outings, high scores and plenty of discussion over the plumber's titles. What is it about Mario that draws such passion from Nintendo fans? We sat down to chew the fat and ask – and hopefully answer – the burning..


  • Round Table Is Nintendo Neglecting the 'Hardcore Gamer'?

    Nintendo Life staff members sit down and discuss all things Nintendo

    Welcome one and all to Nintendo Life's new feature: The Round Table. This is where you get to see the staff debate and discuss the most topical issues going around. From stereotypical views of Nintendo’s consoles, to our feelings on the evolution of gaming; you’ll find it all...