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  • News Rayman's Original Composer Passes Away

    May his music live on

    Rémi Gazel, the composer for Ubisoft's original Rayman game, has passed away after an ongoing battle with cancer. His wife shared this information on social media and said the funeral would take place at the end of this month. Gazel was described on his website as a "self-taught musician" who was "passionate about digital...

  • Random Frozen Rayman Spotted In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Tip of the ice

    Nintendo and Ubisoft might have grown increasingly friendly during the Switch generation, but unfortunately, it's still not enough for Masahiro Sakurai and his team working on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to include the French publisher's iconic mascot Rayman in the base version on the game. Still, with four DLC character slots...








  • News Michel Ancel Discovers and Showcases Rayman on SNES

    A ray of retro light

    Michel Ancel has one of the most interesting and closely followed Instagram accounts in the business at present. In addition to new Beyond Good & Evil game posts and cool artwork besides, the much-admired game designer and creator has now shared images of an extremely rare SNES ROM. It's the original SNES Rayman, which was...





  • News Ubisoft Not Ruling Out Rayman Legends On 3DS

    It would take time but Ubisoft is open to the idea

    Rayman Legends has been out on Wii U, and a selection of other home consoles, for nearly a month now and has even made the transition to the PlayStation Vita, albeit without a load of levels that are set to be integrated at a later date. However, it was not made available for the 3DS, which is...

  • Out Now Rayman Legends (North America)

    It's arm-less fun

    Rayman Legends is released today in North America, and it arrived in Europe on 30th August. Of course, in a perfect world for the Wii U it would have arrived on the system as an exclusive during the launch window, but despite its controversial route to market it is now here, and earning plaudits from writers and gamers around the...


  • News Michel Ancel Outlines Creative Philosophy and Acknowledges That Rayman Legends "Is a Risk"

    "At Ubisoft the boss wants us to take risks, experience new visuals, music"

    Both Rayman Origins and the new Rayman Legends are games that somewhat stand-out, in the wider gaming industry and as parts of Ubisoft's library. Games packed with colour and slapdash platforming fun are, to generalise a little, typically reserved for Nintendo titles and...

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    Wii U

    Review Rayman Legends

    Worth waiting for

    The original release of Rayman Legends was supposed to be in rather different circumstances. What was once a launch window exclusive at the top of various wishlists is now a multi-platform arrival in a busy game season. While that's a pity, this is still the same project that was so eagerly anticipated in 2012, and it delivers on...

  • News You'll Be Able To Dress Up As Mario And Luigi In Rayman Legends

    Rayman and Globox become siblings

    Today's North American Nintendo Direct broadcast featured Rayman Legends — a game which should have been with Wii U owners by now, but we won't open up old wounds — especially when you consider that the Nintendo version of the game will feature the ability to dress up Rayman and Globox as Mario and Luigi...


  • Preview Rayman Legends

    We find out why the one-time Wii U exclusive remains a key title

    Following Ubisoft's decision to delay the launch of Rayman Legends on Wii U and take the game multi-platform, many Nintendo fans were so irate they insisted that they would be boycotting the release come August (or September if you're in North America) time. Sadly, the negative...


  • Talking Point The Downside to Delayed Releases on Wii U

    What a difference a delay makes

    At the start of the year we published a list of our biggest Wii U games of 2013; despite the beginning of a software drought on the system, we felt that the list showed the promise of the software lineup to come. There were eight exclusives at that point, either with fixed release dates or windows that we're confident...



  • News Rayman Origins 3DS Delay Goes Worldwide

    Now everyone has to wait

    We recently found out that Ubisoft was delaying the 3DS version of Rayman Origins until 8th June in Europe and we've now been told that the game's delay will be worldwide. According to the company, Rayman Origins 3DS is now scheduled for a worldwide release in June with the PC release still set for 29th March in North...