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    Plundering the past

    Anyone who hastily misread the title and clicked expecting a digital conversion of the immortal novelty game Pop-up Pirate is in for a disappointment. Pirate Pop Plus is not that game. Once you've dealt with this potentially crushing let-down, consider the good news: Pirate Pop Plus will indeed evoke all manner of fond childhood...



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    Let's rumble, bubble butt!

    In an industry focused on creating increasingly complex games and pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the gaming medium, it can be nice sometimes to take a step back and play something that's just… simple. Pirate Pop Plus is one such game; there's not much to it on the surface, but it's one of the most...

  • News Pirate Pop Plus Arrives on Wii U and New 3DS on 20th October

    Nope, we can't think of a piratey pun for crossbuy

    One of our highlights of PAX West, from a Nintendo gaming standpoint, was Pirate Pop Plus. Developed by Dadako and published by 13AM Shipping Solutions, it brings Pang / Buster Bros. to mind and has a huge amount of retro charm; we certainly enjoyed our hands on time with it. It's a game that's...